The finding is usually one of several startling conclusions prompted by the record.

$3 .9 billion overspend in US healthcare A study released today by American Hospital Directory suggests that as much as half of the $7.8 billion spent by American hospitals on contract labor could possibly be saved through better management. The finding is usually one of several startling conclusions prompted by the record, Trends in the usage of Agreement Labor among Hospitals. With ballooning costs pressing America’s healthcare program toward full-blown crisis, rigorous monetary analysis of our healthcare delivery system is even more important than ever. Since personnel expenditure typically consumes over fifty % of a hospital’s operating revenue, and contract labor is more expensive than salaried staff considerably, the use of contract labor in our hospitals represents a key metric in assessing the big picture of American health care.

PatientsSleep deprivation can influence final result of stem cell transplantation, study findsFindings reveal a new way to avoid meningitisIn a separate research, University of Iowa experts have discovered that using MR angiography before a liver transplant can help identify which patients will suffer complications. The study found that if the liver artery anatomy is unusual, there is an increased threat of complications following the transplant process, stated Kousei Ishigami, MD, lead author of the paper. The study analyzed 84 patients who underwent the imaging to liver transplantation prior.