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CMS certified AQI's National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry while a QCDR in 2014. The QCDR registry is called ASA QCDR. The registry is definitely one of only 40 entities to attain the designation, by which registry participants select performance measures aimed at improving patient basic safety and care. NACOR tracks disease and patient data to improve quality of care and reports physician overall performance. In the arriving years, CMS will stage out claims-based reporting in favor of registry-based reporting, transferring obligations to registries like AQI's NACOR.However, we must make sure that treatment is founded on evidence-based technology than evidence-based advertising rather. Critics of direct-to-consumer marketing fear the advertisements result in over-prescribing. Proponents believe they can serve a useful educational function. This study addresses this problem of over – or under-prescribing. The researchers randomly designated actors portraying sufferers with symptoms of major unhappiness or adjustment disorder to make 298 unannounced appointments to 152 family doctors and general internists recruited from solo and group methods and health maintenance businesses in California and New York. Actor-patients were randomly assigned a disorder and a type of medication request based on the assumption that the direct-market strategy could encourage individuals to seek effective treatment.