Shou-Yin Zhang.

As the cause of the illness was unfamiliar, we designed a strategy to isolate the pathogen by inoculating multiple cell lines vunerable to both viral and rickettsial agents, including human cell collection HL60; pet cell lines DH82, L929, Vero, and Vero E6; and tick cell range ISE6. The patient’s white cells were used to inoculate cell monolayers. This year 2010, we used a related technique to isolate yet another 11 strains of the virus by inoculation of serum or homogenized white cells onto Vero cells. Electron Microscopy A DH82-cell monolayer that was infected with SFTSV in T25 flasks was fixed for transmitting electron microscopy with Ito solution, as described previously.Get RADICAL is targeted at empowering women both personally and professionally.

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