Researchers Dig for Reason behind Dog Diabetes: WEDNESDAY.

Researchers Dig for Reason behind Dog Diabetes: – WEDNESDAY, Sept. 16, 2015 – – Like a great many other pets, man’s greatest friend isn’t immune to developing diabetes . But fresh research suggests that while the disease in canines looks comparable to type 1 diabetes in people, there are several significant differences between beast and man. Dogs get diabetes in a fairly significant rate, a comparable rate that humans obtain type 1 diabetes. But, they get it in life later, explained study senior author Dr. Jake Kushner, chief of pediatric endocrinology and diabetes in Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

A total of 466 critical adverse events occurred in these 316 sufferers; 426 were hospitalizations through the follow-up period, and 123 involved medical procedures or complications of urinary stone disease. There have been 12 related serious adverse events , which occurred in 3 patients assigned to point-of-care ultrasonography, 4 assigned to radiology ultrasonography, and 5 assigned to CT . More information regarding patients with related severe adverse events is provided in Table 4Table 4Information of Related Significant Adverse Events in 12 Enrolled Individuals, According to Imaging Method.