Or that Chicken McNuggets are created with an ingredient thats also an commercial chemical?

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In the scholarly study, which involved interviews with 38 mothers and 24 fathers across Adelaide, Ms Lareen Newman discovered that 24 percent of the mothers said the very thought of being pregnant again place them off wanting another child. ‘Coping with morning hours sickness or feeling fat and unattractive were some of the key factors, especially if they currently had other children to look after. Related StoriesHSS researchers help identify lupus individuals at increased threat of problem pregnanciesAntibiotics haven’t any adverse outcome on child's physical advancement, shows studyNew study finds large prevalence of HIV among pregnant refugee women in Ontario’The thought of going through birth again was building 34 percent of the mums think twice about having another baby and 17 per cent of the dads were also reluctant because of this.