Opens the door to the detailed evaluation of gene expression networks and rare cell populations.

The complete sequencing of genomes has allowed rapid advancements in the collection and evaluation of various types of comprehensive molecular data such as transcriptomes and proteomes . Fundamental omics study aims to link these omics data to molecular systems and pathways in order to advance the knowledge of biological phenomena as systems at the molecular level. Here at the RIKEN Omics Science Center, we are developing a versatile analysis system, called the ‘Life Technology Accelerator ‘, with the aim of advancing omics research. LSA is definitely a multi-purpose, large-scale analysis program that quickly analyzes molecular networks.As a part of PSM Solutions, the APhA Basis is getting a network of healthcare providers to provide patient care services together. Current network partners include Kroger, PrescribeWellness, and SinfoniaRx. Additionally, Scientific Systems Corporation provides partnered with the APhA Base to integrate the PSMC for Diabetes into its technology platform. The Foundation’s network partners are available to provide providers to beneficiaries of self-insured companies and other healthcare payers thinking about providing care options that are the PSM Solutions. Diabetes costs American employers more than 15 million workdays each year and accounts for more than $176 billion in health care spending, states Mindy Smith, Executive Director of the APhA Foundation.