On September 11 human casualties were not the only tragic reduction that took place.

ACLU report: 9/11 casualties include loss of life of First Amendment in 33 US states As devastating because they were, on September 11 human casualties were not the only tragic reduction that took place, 2001. A compilation of incident reports put together by the American Civil Liberties Union highlights the corresponding death of the First Amendment to the united states Constitution in at least 33 US states that was initiated on that harrowing time. Following a events of 9/11 Immediately, the US government enacted one of the deadliest blows to free speech in US history – – the USA Patriot Work. Its passage and the corresponding hysteria that ensued has led to Americans losing their personal privacy, their freedom to travel without being searched and groped unlawfully, and most disturbing of all perhaps, their independence to speak and go to town without being dubbed a potential terrorist.Furthermore, tai chi has a mental aspect, Reid said. Many types of tai chi have a strong spiritual element, she said. So that it may appeal to people in a different way than other types of exercise. Reid said other benefits of tai chi are that it can be achieved in a number of conditions, alone or in groupings, and doesn’t require any gear. Moreover, as you ages, vigorous exercise may be less appealing, Reid said. Tai chi is slow, rhythmical movements that have been developed over a large number of years and includes movements that require strength of different muscle groups, she said. The review was published Sept.