In the January Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics reports a study.

Most studies of this issue have looked at younger children, whereas adolescents may have a keener consciousness that their parents’ sexual orientation places them in a minority group. In addition, most previous research have centered on problem behaviors, rather than quality-of-life factors connected with good psychological adjustment. Adolescents coping with lesbian parents function as well as, or sometimes better than, those reared by opposite-sex parents, van Gelderen and coauthors write. The study showing evidence of good adjustment can be an important addition to previous analysis showing no difference in adjustment complications, such as depression, nervousness, and disruptive behaviors. Adjustment is good despite high prices of teasing and other styles of stigmatization, which has been linked to behavior problems previously.The animal hearts were subsequently examined for cardiac function and injury. Related StoriesResearch shows cold weather can increase risk of severe form of heart attackYoung diabetic women have six-fold coronary attack riskNew check for coronary attack may save NHS millionsResults: No Protection in the LONG RUN The researchers found that the problems for the heart tissue among the mice that received the high-fat diet in the short term was decreased by 70 % compared to the group that was fed the high-fat diet plan for six weeks that was shown to have a more substantial problems for the heart just like the effect seen in control fed animals. No cardioprotection was seen in the six-week group, indicating that short-term splurges were essential to the impact.