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Secondary Outcomes There were significant reductions in the parenteral group, as compared with the enteral group, in prices of hypoglycemia and vomiting . Nevertheless, there have been no significant differences between your parenteral group and the enteral group for the 16 other secondary outcomes, like the mean amount of infectious complications and 90-day mortality . There was no significant difference in the period of survival up to 90 days . Subgroup and Secondary Analyses There were no significant interactions between study group and any prespecified subgroup regarding 30-day mortality . The results were very similar after adjustment for nonadherence .Solution for Alcoholism – First and foremost for an individual is to understand that he/she includes a drinking problem. If a person admits that he/she has a drinking problem which means he/she was already taken the first rung on the ladder towards quitting alcohol addiction. From then on patient can choose a rehab centre to go for a treatment. There are various Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi for Alcohol Addiction Treatment which provides Counselling, therapy, meditation and follow strict daily routine for lifestyle including wakeup time, prayer time, tea time, breakfast, lunch, sports activities time, Counselling sessions, yoga exercise, & other treatment programs.