But there was no increase in death rates in those seizure-free at follow-up was her.

Patients with newly diagnosed epilepsy who did not respond to treatment was compared with the mortality of the general population has increased, but there was no increase in death rates in those seizure-free at follow-up was her . ‘Given our results routine discussion mortality could at the time of diagnosis not be necessary, especially if this does not affect diagnosis on the management of the disease. However mortality risks for all patients do not do not choose should be discussed taking antiepileptic drugs ‘, say the authors. To ensure patients with chronic epilepsy, there were more than double the expected number of deaths and incidence of sudden unexpected death in epilepsy was more than twice as high as in patients with newly diagnosed epilepsy. The greatest excess mortality in patients younger than 30 years reported. Evidence that nocturnal supervision could be protective in patients continue to insist that frequent attacks, and treatment with antiepileptic drugs reduce the chance of sudden unexpected death. ‘Should be diagnosed mortality risks and preventive strategies in patients with epilepsy, in which the treatment has not achieved seizure freedom and with whom to refuse treatment despite recurrent seizures are discussed,’the authors suggest. – In an accompanying Reflection and Reaction article Roy Beran comments that ‘special circumstances in which the discussion of the possible premature death associated with epilepsy could not only be acceptable, but also absolutely necessary to ensure Jbout treatment.t has been judged to be completely of relevant material risks in a position to make an informed decision about treatment. ‘.

Non-economic plans test vote for malpractice, Association Health Plan BillSenate Democrats and Republicans this week ‘will square off ‘the ‘different approaches to improving the country’s health system, ‘CongressDaily reports on Monday has a procedural test vote for two bills that non-economic damages medical malpractice lawsuits placed an upper limit. A bill , John Ensign sponsored would total non-economic damages in medical malpractice lawsuits Cap $ 750,000 and would economic damage to economic damages for individual service cap at $ 250 A second bill , Rick Santorum , would non-economic loss limit at similar levels in malpractice lawsuits against OB-GYNs filed. On Tuesday deadline a procedural vote for a bill Senator Mike Senator Mike Enzi In 2004, small businesses and organizations partner group health plans on a statewide or nationwide to offer would be ruled. The procedural vote, requested the deadline on Friday trying to call cloture to end the debate and a Senate. Voting on the bills In 2004, the Senate cloture on malpractice legislation passed and Santorum said that currently no Democrats in the Senate supported the malpractice bills under consideration this week. Senate Democrats have said that they perhaps consider a floor vote on the AHP bill, provided that they hold a high – or-down vote on substitute legislation. Senate Minority Leader Harry added: ‘ criticized Health Week as a ‘public relations gimmick ‘. Reid added: ‘This is really a mini – debate on is a real health care week would solve Medicare problems and extend the May 15 deadline. ‘In the drug benefit, a penalty a penalty. Years, Democrats also recommended consideration of legislation on stem cell research and the issue of the uninsured . – ‘Courtesy of you, the entire Kaiser Daily Health Policy view Report, search the archives, or sign up for email delivery at Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report strongly supported imperial network a free service of The Henry J. Published. Kaiser Family Foundation. 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation. All rights reserved.

Embryonic calls for cloning of human embryos ‘Worst Type ‘ ‘use ‘of the manThe Vatican am Freitag reacted to the last week the report of to U.S. Researchers was five human embryos created by to call this type of cloning which ‘worse kind of exploitation of cloned men, ‘Reuters Health report.