Abortion: Federal courtroom blocks N.

National Journal: Judge Strikes Park Of N.C. Tuesday Abortion Law A federal government judge struck down part of a NEW YORK abortion law on, saying the state cannot require abortion-providers showing and discuss with pregnant women ultrasound pictures of the fetus. U.S. District Judge Catherine Eagles ruled that doctors and others complicated the law were more likely to win on their contention that the provision violated their constitutional rights. ‘The area of the rules that the court blocked not only forces doctors to go against their medical judgment to provide an ideological message with their patients, but also forces women to lay down and just take it,’ Bebe Anderson, senior counsel at the guts for Reproductive Rights, said in a declaration .Tavilermide can be differentiated from other investigational therapies in dried out eye disease because it induces the production of mucin, a occurring element of the tear film normally, and works upstream prior to inflammation. Allergan is focused on leading in the advancement of novel therapies in eye care and dry eyes disease, said David Nicholson, Executive Vice President and President, Global Brands Analysis and Advancement at Allergan. Tavilermide provides a novel approach to treating the signs or symptoms of dry eye disease by enhancing the ocular tear film. If accepted, tavilermide would offer another thrilling new treatment choice for patients battling with dry eye and further strengthen our dry eyesight portfolio and pipeline.